Seat covers wholesale

For many people, their car could be almost a family member, respectively they take care of it like of a close friend. A spot on the car seat or suddenly frayed fabric on the padding may not only ruin the mood, but break the schedule of a driver. And we appreciate the time of customers! Our goal is to make the driving more comfortable as it possible, with protecting the car seats from external damages, what would prolong its’ service life. Now, the problem is tractable! We offer to the careful and responsible drivers a hardly probable not perfect solution to such problem – the best seat covers manufactured by MW Brothers!

Why to purchase our car seat covers wholesale – the most profitable solution:

  • A competitive prices;
  • The highest quality of tailoring;
  • The customer gets not only new seat covers, but also completely redesigned interior of the car;
  • Attracted design developed by experienced professionals;
  • Wide selection of fabrics;
  • Quick consultation of specialists;
  • Wide range of supported models;
  • The customer receives a high-quality product, which prolongs the car seats service life.

The “Comfort style” covers range is made from specific fabrics. This collection is sewed according to the templates of the “Premium Style” series, but without using the eco-leather. Here we use only “Fezko” automobile fabrics of impeccable quality, made in Germany. After the seat covers were installed, due to the accurate shaping the car interior looks like there was made a constriction. Used fabrics are very strong and dense. No difficulties in handling – just wet cleaning will be enough.


“Dynamic” car seats characterized by special elegance in its style. The armrests and headrests are fitted very tightly and all the elements are made of high quality. Such seat covers looks like an expensive seats constriction!


For the “Leather Style” seat covers it’s specific to use ATN – German Arpatek and Italian Alcantara fabrics. Materials used in this series are in several times expensive than the natural leather!


We guarantee your customer will be satisfied!

Seat covers from MW-BROTHERS have from 120 to 170 pieces! This allows you to create perfect interior of the car. Using only eco-friendly materials, customer cares about an environment while saving finances, because the product life of the car seats is extended for many years! We offer very enjoyable value for money.  Our team includes the best experts in its field! There you will meet a creative and responsible people with extensive knowledge in its business, who are glad to consult you about any questions at any time.