We all love our pets and any try to take them with us in any trip. Especially if it is summer vacation. But despite the fact that it is more fun to spend leisure time with them, there is a weighty problem - footprints on car seats. At best, it will be your pets’ hair, at worst - a dirt. It is clear that the "native" lining of your car will be spoiled quickly enough without protection by four-legged pets. There is one way – car seat covers. 


Why are car seat covers so essential if you have pets?

Drivers who regularly use their vehicle and driving spend most of the time; you know how important it is to maintain interior cleanliness and order. Effects of all the negative factors in the car most at rest, or rather, their interior. Remains of food, splashing liquids, dust - all this settles on them, gradually ruining their appearance.

“MW brothers” seat covers - it's comfort and safety

KIA Sportage 2010+ is known for its popularity among the thousands of motorists and fans of the brand. And it is not strange, because in addition to all-terrain this car also has a really brutal and sexy appearance. Over time, the interior of any car wear out and lose the look, then it's time to waist salon or alternative.


New: Seat covers for KIA Sportage 2010+

Absolute effect constriction expensive materials (a combination of Alcantara arpatek +) - this is what you need to cabin Mercedes E Class W-211. Cases Leather Style work wonders - just a few hours the car's interior is transformed, seats are protected and comfortable. High quality sewing and cutting provide a clear fit slipcovers and ease of use. More

Seat Covers for Mercedes E Class W-211

High quality, only proven European materials (bilastik avtotkan and Dynamic), clear, well-detailed cut, which provides the effect of a "second skin" - all this model covers 40 Toyota Camry (2006-2011), a new series of Dynamic. More

Seat Covers for Toyota Camry 40 Dynamic Series

High quality, modern design, only the best materials that can be used for interior car - arpatek and Alcantara, fine cut, which provides a complete fit for seats. Covers for Toyota Prius (2009 ND.) In a series of Leather Series At first glance it is difficult to distinguish from high-quality and expensive salon banners, and they are thus much cheaper this time-consuming procedure. More

High quality, modern design - Seat Covers for Toyota Prius (2009)