Seat covers for Mitsubishi Lancer - GTS (GTS) 2007-2012


Mitsubishi Lancer GTS - a four-door sedan, which belongs to a class "C". New generation of this car, first of all, characterized by sporty design very bright appearance. Factory interior is simply gorgeous, but if you do not protect it from all sorts of negative effects, it will become worthless. Make it looks like brand new with just new seat covers for Mitsubishi Lancer GTS (2007-2012 models).


Due to the difference of interior of this model, before purchasing please contact us for the selection of covers.

Comfort Series 249.99 $
Dynamic Series 319.00 $
Leather Series 399.00 $
Comfort Series In this line of car seat covers our company only uses materials from the top European Automotive Production.
Dynamic Series New “Dynamic series” seat covers is made of a sturdy yet comfortable fabric, designed to resemble a brand new car leather interior.
Leather Series “Leather Series” car seat covers made with premium quality material and will perfectly fit to car seats. All covers made with original patterns for all car models – it helps us to make great alternative for traditional upholstery.

Lancer GTS - a car with a unique character. Low rise, a wide tire mark, branded grille «Jet Fighter» - this is the basic concept of sports sedans. Stylish interior design is also about Lancer. Interior in the car is perfect, when you sitting in it you will feel the incredible comfort and you do not want to leave the car even at the end of the trip. Comfortable seats and elegant interior around - here's how you can describe it briefly. And if you want such comfort for many years in a row, protect with the quality seat covers that are sewn individually for Lancer GTS ( 2007-2012 models), and will "fit", like a glove.

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