Seat covers for Mitsubishi Lancer (GT, RALLIART) 2009+

Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart - car for extraordinary and extravagant people, who wants to stand out among others. And great way to do it - with the help of your vehicle. The car has a bright appearance, excellent athletic performance. Interior of this car is not less presentable than outside. It’s made at the highest level. And to further emphasize its representativeness and reliability you can install seat covers for Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, GT series. Find the best option for your car!


Due to the difference of interior of this model, before purchasing please contact us for the selection of covers.

Comfort Series 249.99 $
Comfort Series In this line of car seat covers our company only uses materials from the top European Automotive Production.
Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart has excellent power characteristics as well as fine-tuning the engine. Its extensive suite of technologies gives you a very high pleasure from the process of driving. It is the exact reactions and very fast city car. Upholstery of its interior is made at the highest quality level the seats are comfortable, the fabric, which they are fitted, pleasant to the touch. However, time goes on and if you do not protect it, then eventually will become worthless, and you have to do constriction of car seats. But this procedure is quite troublesome and quite expensive. To avoid it, install our seat covers on your seats for Mitsubishi Lancer (Ralliart and GT series). They perfectly protect them from damage and contamination, as well as give the interior very presentable view.

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