Seat covers for Mercedes-Benz E-class (W211) 2002-2009

MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS (W211) 2002-2009

Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W211) - is quite attractive car whose appearance is sleek, smooth look with clean lines. It is differenced from other by twin round headlights in the front and the representative front side. The interior can only be described as positive: a spacious interior and excellent insulation, which will not allow you to disturb the urban noise or the sound of the engine. And all of this is complemented by comfortable seats. And we provide our high quality seat covers of luxury fabrics special for Mercedes-Benz W211 models.

Dynamic Series 319.00 $
Leather Series 399.00 $
Dynamic Series New “Dynamic series” seat covers is made of a sturdy yet comfortable fabric, designed to resemble a brand new car leather interior.
Leather Series “Leather Series” car seat covers made with premium quality material and will perfectly fit to car seats. All covers made with original patterns for all car models – it helps us to make great alternative for traditional upholstery.

Mercedes-Benz W211 is the perfect combination of parameters such as price and quality. It’s beautiful not only from outside look, but interior is beautiful too, his stylish steering wheel is fitted with four spokes. All interior upholstery pleasant to the touch and has good quality. The interior design is concise, both in general and in specific detail. Factory upholstery simple, but have high quality. If you want to update the look of seat leather or protect against scuffs and dirt, the best option would be purchase our seat covers. These high-quality, presentable looking, easy to clean and requires no special operating rules.

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