Seat covers for Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class 2014+


Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class - quite compact crossover. It has an interesting design, which characterized by sharp lines of the body. The car compared to its predecessors in something different and in own unique. This concerns not only the exterior but also interior. It all looks great, from the upholstery and finishing central console. Our seat covers highlight the unique of your car and will mark a good taste of its owner.

Leather Series 399.00 $ Order

Good car covers that we do individually for each make of car, not only will transform the look of its interior. They also protect the rest of the damage and all kinds of contaminants. On city streets Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class will be a great car, and off-road, so ride it you regularly. In addition, to the car interior and the seats in particular, have kept their appeal for years to come, we purchase quality and comfortable car seat covers. Thanks to them, you will never know what a costly and troublesome hauling interior.

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