Seat covers for Honda Accord 2013+ (TOURING, EX, EX-L, LX, SPORT, HYBRID)


HONDA Accord - innovative car, with a high level of equipment and lots of useful modern technology. Even taking into account only one interior: the front seats in this model are redeveloped, sitting on them, minimizing the risk of a neck injury and spine. Seat is also performed at the highest level. And in order to protect it from contamination and damage, the best option would be buy seat covers for Honda accord.

Comfort Series 249.99 $ Order
Dynamic Series 319.00 $ Order
Leather Series 399.00 $ Order
Comfort Series In this line of car seat covers our company only uses materials from the top European Automotive Production.
Dynamic Series New “Dynamic series” seat covers is made of a sturdy yet comfortable fabric, designed to resemble a brand new car leather interior.
Leather Series “Leather Series” car seat covers made with premium quality material and will perfectly fit to car seats. All covers made with original patterns for all car models – it helps us to make great alternative for traditional upholstery.
If you don’t protect the "native" upholstery of your interior with high quality seat covers, with time, even with the most careful attitude, will lose its attraction, on it arise attrition, in general, interior will become worthless. So do not hesitate and order our seat covers for Honda accord they guarantee you not only protection: with these great covers, you can "refresh" your car; change a little bored interior and upgrade it. We sew seat covers individually for each model; they are perfect fit on the seat. You can easily install seat covers by yourself just for a few hours.

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