"Comfort series" seat covers

In this line of car seat covers our company only uses materials from the top European Automotive Production.

The rear and side of the seat covers are made of firm German leatherette “ERA”, created for the leading luxurious brands of the auto industry. The leather is resistant to the most extreme temperature changes, ranging from minus 58 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The edge of the seat is made of perforated leatherette.

The central, back and side parts are made of Jacquard, an expensive and labor-intensive fabric from the German plant “Fezko”. The fabric is very strong, durable and resists extreme temperatures.

The leading automotive industry threads from England are called “Coast”. The threads stitching the seat covers are made of very dense, strong yarns with a complex weaving keeping them from stretching out. This particular thread is impregnated with special oils, which makes them impossible to soil.

The Comfort series cover is sewed with great preciseness and made with the finest and strongest materials.

The interior is very easy to maintain, as it only requires using a damp napkin. Even the back seats, usually the dirtiest part of the car, can be easily cleaned without leaving any footmarks.

If you are looking a durable and classic interior for your car, made of high quality materials, then you should try the Comfort series.

Supported models

We are constantly expanding variety of covers. Adding new model cars