“MW brothers” seat covers - it's comfort and safety [08-21-2015]

“MW brothers” seat covers - it's comfort and safety
Drivers who regularly use their vehicle and driving spend most of the time; you know how important it is to maintain interior cleanliness and order. Effects of all the negative factors in the car most at rest, or rather, their interior. Remains of food, splashing liquids, dust - all this settles on them, gradually ruining their appearance. Another negative factor of influence - it is the sun's rays. Because they burn, the fabric loses saturation and becomes pal and ugly. Accordingly, the service life of the upholstery is also shortens, and eventually have to upholstery interior.

In order to prevent damage to upholstery and provide her long service, the best option for every car seat will protect the quality covers. Car Covers Company MW brothers not only will save your trim, but also decorate the interior of the vehicle, will update the already bored with the interior design. Why choose our seat covers? The reasons for this are several:

Products from our company are easy to install and remove - no special tools and skills need to install it.

We make leather effect car seat covers. The material from which they sewn - a quality automotive fabric. It has high wear resistance; it is easy to clean on their own, without the help of professionals. What is important - it does not lose its color, as a protection against ultraviolet rays.

Due to the unique properties of the tissue, our luxury car seat covers even in the hottest weather will "breathe." Thus, the human skin does not sweat, and the fabric will not cling to the back. Both the driver and the passengers will be spared the discomfort while riding in a car.

In addition to the aesthetic and functional characteristics, we have not forgotten about the most important - safety. All special covers are stitched seam where the airbags are located. This, in case of need, provide them with reliable operation.

Buy comfy car seat covers by MW brothers, and you will always feel comfortable in the interior of your car without worrying about the seats.